GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH Lenny Open Top Puppet (Original Prop)

This is the original production used puppet prop of a Lenny Mogwai from director Joe Dante’s 1990 film Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

To achieve maximum realism and functionality, the Gremlins 2 creative team constructed this 13″(33cm) puppet for the movie out of foam latex to which they applied a full multi-colored fur body. 

It has an open head and a wide neck for insertion of the puppeteer’s hand through the head in order to walk the Puppet with his/her fingers, which is one of the various methods used by the puppeteers in the film. 

This collector’s piece is a one-of-a-kind that has been given a custom display stand featuring the film’s logo laser-cut on the front. The logo illuminates by ultra-bright LED lights, powered by replaceable batteries, and can be easily switched on/off with a button located on the display’s back.

It comes with a signed letter of authenticity signed by Rick Baker, the head of the Gremlins 2 creative team! Additionally a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity is supplied.

The entire piece, including the display stand, measures 17″ x 12″ (43cm x 30cm).

Because this is an original movie prop it is not in perfect condition. It is in good condition as it has light wear around the face due to production use and age. 

If you want it, you’ll need to be a serious collector, have a serious bank account, and the desire to head to the link below: 

GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH Lenny Open Top Puppet (Original Prop via Amazon)

GREEN LANTERN Movie Power Battery Prop Replica by Noble Collection

These Noble Collection prop replicas of Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern Power Battery as seen in Martin Campbell’s 2011 film Green Lantern are running out fast. I can only find a handful of these for sale from the usual sources.

It’s a 1:1 scale prop replica that lights up.

Doesn’t come with a Power Battery Ring Prop Replica, which kind of sucks. But you get that.

Prices for what’s left of these aren’t too varied, but since there’s pretty much only one left at most vendors, I’ll put a few links below so you don’t miss out. 

GREEN LANTERN Power Battery Prop Replica (via EE, $144.99)

GREEN LANTERN Power Battery Prop Replica (Amazon, $145.00)

GREEN LANTERN Power Battery Prop Replica (Amazon, $149.95)

FINAL FANTASY XII Artifacts Judge Master Gabranth Helm Prop Replica Square-Enix

Heads up Final Fantasy fans!

Check out this absolutely mega-cool prop replica of Judge Master Gabranth’s ornate armor from the Final Fantasy XII video game.

This is a life-size, 1:1 scale prop replica of the helmet armor that measures over 14-inches tall.

The helmet is created from Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) using the CG data from the Square-Enix game. The result is a perfectly authentic reproduction of Akihiko Yoshida’s elaborate designs.

The helm can be placed on the display stand, which includes a Final Fantasy XII logo nameplate.

Check it out side on:


At $894.99 this item is definitely a collectible for the most serious of Final Fantasy collector.

I can’t say if this can be worn, perhaps it can. However, since this is 1:1 scale I’m guessing you’d have to be a giant to be able to wear it properly, since Judge Master Gabranth is a pretty big dude. 

In terms of price, these vary a fair bit. The most expensive I’ve found is on Ebay. The cheapest is via Amazon, although there is only 1 there. In between is Entertainment Earth. Here are the three cheapest links to help you, since I’m confident the Amazon one won’t last very long: 

Final Fantasy XII Artifacts Judge Master Gabranth Helm (Amazon, $780.79)

Final Fantasy XII Artifacts Judge Master Gabranth Helm (EE, $894.99) 

Final Fantasy XII Artifacts Judge Master Gabranth Helm (Ebay, $927.99)

Ghostbusters PKE Prop Replica

This is Mattel’s 1:1 scale prop replica of the PKE Meter from Ghostbusters.

This prop replica features light sequences from both Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II, adjustable LED and screen animation speeds, three screen displays as seen in the films (diagonal, off, arc) and opening wings!

It also comes with a really, really cool storage crate which by itself would make an awesome collector’s display piece:


You’ll find these for about $94 on Amazon and you’ll also find it at a bit higher price from some other outlets.

However, one is available on Ebay right now with a buy it now price of only $70, and an even lower starting bid of only $50. That’s a pretty good deal given it’s a brand new prop replica that the seller says was only opened once to check that it was in perfect brand new working order.

Go here and see if you can score it at a lower than usual price: 


I wanted to post about this pretty cool prop replica from The Noble Collection.

It’s a life-size replica of Lucius Malfoy’s Death Eater Mask. It measures 11 inches in length and can be mounted on a wooden plaque with a metal name plate that comes with the collectible.

I believe these Noble Collection masks are made of relatively thin vinyl. They include a velcro strap at the back for attaching to the head and one for attaching to the display stand.

Now here’s where I want to issue a word of caution.

I found this for sale on Ebay at a ridiculous price of $1,399.95. I mean, this is a thin vinyl mask replica that’s not rare or hard to get. It’s also questionable what type of a lifespan this mask will have given that it’s made out of a material that traditionally wilts over time.

Admittedly you can’t find it in any traditional stores so you may be tempted to fork out the money to grab it off Ebay, but you certainly won’t do that as soon as I inform you that you can order it direct from The Noble Collection right now, for a mere $95.

For $95 it’s not a bad deal, especially if you’re a collector of all things Potter. But at $1,399.95, it’s criminal. So be wary my collector friends!