This is a brand new Terminator 2: T-800 Brain Chip Prop Replica.

Limited edition item of only 400 pieces worldwide. It has since sold out from Hollywood Collectibles Group, but this is your chance to get one – specifically, this is Limited Edition No. #16.

This is an officially licensed replica of the T-800’s damaged brain chip. The brain chip was salvaged from the severely damaged Terminator from the end of the original Terminator movie, and provided the basis for all of the research and development carried out by Cyberdyne Systems. This brain chip was the key to the development of Cyberdyne systems weapons and robotics developments, that ultimately lead to Judgment Day!

Comes complete with a themed light-up display base with a Cyberdyne Systems plaque. This prop replica has a light up feature that is stunning when lit up.

Terminator 2: T-800 Brain Chip Prop Replica (via an auction on Ebay)

This is a fan-made one-of-a-kind strong aluminium prop replica of Captain America’s shield from the movie Captain America: The First Avenger.

Approximate measurements: 26 inches in diameter, 3 inches in height, 1/8″ (3MM) thick.

Features 3 machined grooves and 9 1/2 inch’ star, just as seen in the film.

Designed specifically as a wall display piece, this Captain America shield prop replica has a beautiful, very shiny and reflective polished finish.

Note: This piece does not have any straps or handles on the back, it was made for a wall display.

The creator says, “I spent many hours working on this shield to make it extra smooth and shiny. This is the shield everybody wants.”

This is a rare collectible not to pass up if you’re a fan of Captain America and The Avengers.

CAPTAIN AMERICA Aluminium Shield Prop replica (via Ebay auction)

Director Vincenzo Natali’s 2010 film Splice is a very cool movie about scientists messing with genetics and, specifically, about what happens when they create the human hybrid creature named Dren.

If you’ve seen the film then you’ll instantly recognize that this polystone statue is a perfect reproduction of the newborn Dren as seen in the movie.


  • limited to only 200 pieces
  • manufactured by Sideshow Collectibles
  • 1:1 scale (life size)
  • stands 11 inches tall
  • measures 10 inches from head to tail
  • weighs 8.00 lbs (3.63 kg)

Limited Edition SPLICE Newborn Dren Life-Size Polystone Statue

It’s also a limited edition reproduction of only 200 pieces worldwide.

At the time of writing this post you can still get one of these soon to be rare collectibles via the links below:

SPLICE 1:1 Scale Polystone Statue of the Newborn Dren (via Sideshow Collectibles)

SPLICE 1:1 Scale Polystone Statue of the Newborn Dren (via Ebay)




This is a life-sized statue of Darth Malgus figure based on the character as he appears in the 2011 video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Manufactured by Sideshow Collectibles, Darth Malgus stands over 7 feet tall (1:1 scale) and spans more then 3 feet wide. 


  • Star Wars Official License
  • 1:1 Scale
  • Hand painted
  • LED lit Lightsaber (TM)
  • LED’s light up in the chest, collar, & wrist gauntlets
  • Highly detailed armor
  • Real fabric hooded cape
  • Approximate Size: 88″ H (2235.2mm) x 36″ W (914.4mm) 
  • Approximate Weight: 159.00 lbs (72.12 kg)

Limited Edition STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC Life-Size Darth Malgus Figure (Sideshow Collectibles)


At an early age, it was evident that there was a dark will behind young Veradun’s sensitivity to the Force (TM). Acknowledging his impressive potential, his adoptive father arranged for Veradun to attend the Sith Academy of Dromund Kass where he would train under Sith Master Vindican. Now, having risen to the status of Sith Lord, dubbed Darth Malgus, he has become a formidable commander in the Imperial Army. Following his vision that he will be responsible for the fall of the Republic and its Jedi Order, Malgus takes his place as a defining force in the Great Galactic War.

Check out this video of the life size Darth Malgus standing at the San Diego Comic Con 2012:

View more images and/or buy him for yourself at the link below:

Life-Size STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC Darth Malgus Figure (Sideshow Collectibles)