Doctor Doom Legendary Scale Figure (Sideshow Collectibles)

Sideshow Collectible’s Doctor Doom Legendary Scale figure.

Based on the Marvel character (aka Victor Von Doom) most known for being the archnemesis of the Fantastic Four.


  • Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles.
  • Height 45″, Width 32″, Depth 24″.
  • Weight: 15.9kg (35lbs).
  • SKU: 400086
  • UPC: 747720217867
  • Limited Edition (number unknown)


The powerful and intelligent, but vain, Victor Von Doom was orphaned early in life as a child in the country of Latveria. Through science and the mystic arts, he found himself attending a highly accredited university, where he met Reed Richards. Doom’s hatred for Richards was instantaneous, as he was intimidated by Richards’ equal, if not greater, intellect.

This rivalry led him to dismiss Richards’ warnings about an experiment he was working on. The experiment failed, and exploded, leaving Doom with a long scar on his face. Doom was so enraged that he was fitted with a suit of armor, and demanded that the face piece be put onto his face while it was still red hot, thus disfiguring him for life.

Doom returned to overthrow and rule Latveria. Consumed by greed, this victory did not satisfy his need for power, as he tried time and time again to rule the Earth. But Doom has always found himself on on the losing end due to his former classmate Reed Richards, now known as Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four.


Sold out upon release.

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Limited Edition Doctor Doom Legendary Scale Figure (Sideshow Collectibles)