Limited Edition Marvel Galactus Maquette

Sideshow Collectibles manufactured Galactus Maquette.

Backstory: Sole survivor of the universe that existed before the Big Bang, Galactus is quite possibly the most fearsome being in the cosmos. He wields the Power Cosmic and can use it to nearly any end he desires. With this force, Galactus has control of time and space, matter and dimension. He has powers of telepathy and telekinesis and can manipulate souls, memories and emotions. Sometimes called The Devourer of Worlds, Galactus must consume inhabitable planets to maintain his existence, absorbing countless planets and eliminating entire civilizations. Galactus is able to impart certain aspects of the Power Cosmic to others and has appointed Heralds to do his bidding. Perhaps the most infamous of these heralds are Nova and Silver Surfer, who pledged themselves as Galactus’ envoys to save their home worlds. Now, they travel the universe in search of new worlds for their master to devour.


  • Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles.
  • 33 inches tall.
  • 11.34 kg weight (27 lbs).
  • Includes Galactus’ herald’s Nova and Silver Surfer as add-ons.
  • Interchangeable faces for alternate display(s).
  • Officially Marvel licensed.
  • Each piece is individually hand painted and finished.


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Sideshow Collectibles Limited Edition Marvel Galactus Maquette.