Wolfpax 1:4 Scale Hulk Statue (Custom Kit)

Limited edition Wolfpax 1:4 scale Hulk statue:


  • Manufacturer: Wolfpax.
  • Limited Edition: Only 40 worldwide.
  • Scale: 1:4.
  • Sculpted by Erick Sosa
  • Comes with 3 interchangeable heads.

Supplied as an unpainted kit with the 3 interchangeable heads (must paint yourself):

This Hulk statue can be painted any color to match the available heads. Eg. See above based on Peter David’s green Hulk), or as the Grey hulk (see below):


This is a highly sought after Hulk statue by serious collectors, but is extremely hard to find (only 40 exist).

To get one now, we suggest periodically searching eBay in the hope of a rare sale.

Use the link below to perform an immediate targeted search:

Wolfpax 1:4 Scale Hulk Statue (Custom Kit, Erick Sosa sculpted)