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Limited Edition Bronze Boba Fett Statue (STAR WARS Collectible)

There now less than 20 left world wide.

Okay, so I previously posted about this awesome bronze Boba Fett Statue way back in April. At the time, being a limited edition item of only 75 items worldwide, there were 75 available.

I’m posting it again because there are now less than 20 left. Once those 20 (or so) are gone, it’ll be gone forever.

You might think it’s been selling at a slow pace given it’s been quite a few months since its release. However, that has nothing to do with the amazing quality of this piece. It is purely to do with price. Bronze Boba Fett was originally priced at $4,250. The problem for collectors is that the price is climbing. For every 10 that sell the price has increased by $250. Now, it’s priced at $5,250. Soon, it’ll be priced at $5,500.

So this is not a Star Wars collectible for the financially squeamish. But it is a collectible that is appreciating in value and rapidly turning into a rare Star Wars collectible. If you want to benefit from that, now’s the time.

Specification wise, Bronze Boba Fett stands 21″ tall, weighs a whopping 27kg, and comes with a marble base. He’s manufactured by Sideshow Collectibles and is sure to be a centerpiece in any Star Wars collection, just as this Sideshow reviewer confirmed:

This Fett has been in my (massive) collection for some time now and it still remains a centerpiece. Itbs gorgeous: the detail is magnificent and the marble base really makes this a unique item. I feel privileged to be one of only a few people worldwide to own one! Great job, Sideshow!!!

The link you need to check it out, together with a ton more images, more information, and additional reviews, is below:

Limited Edition Bronze Statue Boba Fett Bronze Statue (via Sideshow Collectibles)