The STAR WARS Movie Poster Reference Collection

Star Wars Movie Poster

This is easily the most impressive Star Wars movie poster offer ever.

If you’re the world’s number one Star Wars movie fan, and you’ve got $300,000 in cash to devote to your one-true-love (that’s Star Wars, not the other one), then here’s your chance to get the single greatest Star Wars poster collection to ever be offered for sale.

The present owner of this collection boasts of it as being the reference to all the others.

There are hundreds of different posters in this collection with a remarkably high number of “Holy Grails” including the never released and impossible to find 1978 John Williams Concert poster:


This collection has EVERYTHING! All the original one sheets including the Mylar advance, Birthday, Both Revenge of the Jedi advance 1-sheets and a staggering list of posters that include more Star Wars than in the heavens. 

I’d list all of the posters but there are so many that would just be ridiculous when you can just go and see them on the Ebay sales page at the link below: 

The STAR WARS Movie Poster Reference Collection (Ebay)