The STAR WARS Movie Poster Reference Collection

Star Wars Movie Poster

If you want to own the greatest Star Wars movie poster collection in the world, then you’ll be looking to get the Star Wars Movie Poster Reference Collection.

There are hundreds of different original Star Wars posters that have been released over time, dating right back to the promotion of the original release of Star Wars in 1977. Finding them all is a difficult task, but very rarely you can snap them all up in a single, extremely valuable collection. When one becomes available, you’ll usually find it listed on eBay by a die-hard collector.

Typically such an offer will include Star Wars posters not available from anywhere else, posters often referred to as the “Holy Grails” of Star Wars poster collecting. One example of this might be the never released and impossible to find 1978 John Williams Concert poster:


Back in 2013 one collector offered their Star Wars Movie Poster Reference Collection for $300,000, which may seem like a very high price. However, the price will always reflect the quality and number of hard to get Star Wars posters included in the collection. For example, in 2022 a collector offered their Star Wars Movie Poster Reference Collection for US $2,250,000.00 on eBay, an offer which included numerous impossible-to-find Star Wars posters such as:

Special Advance “Odyssey” style Teaser 7-Sheet Billboard
Style “D” 7-Sheet Billboard
Empire Strikes Back 8-Sheet Style “A” made for the 1980 Film Premiere (RECALLED NEVER DISTRIBUTED):

Special May 25th release date second advance Teaser 70mm Billboard

24 Sheet Billboard Tom Jung Art Approx. 9×20 feet

There are also hundreds of other Star Wars posters that might be included in a Star Wars Movie Poster Reference Collection – it will always depend on the unique individual sale. For example, you can see the hundreds of posters included in the sale that included the above images on their original eBay listing here.


The Star Wars Movie Poster Reference Collection is a unique type of sale that will vary dependent on collector. The only way to potentially score one is to periodically check eBay for a sale.