WONDER WOMAN New 52 ArtFX Statue (Kotobukiya)

This is Kotobukiya’s  ArtFX+ brand new statue of the “New 52” Wonder Woman.

Her left hand is balled into a fist at her waist, always near the short sword at her back, while her right hand rests over her Lasso of Truth.

Sculpted with her new costume as reinterpreted by Jim Lee in the New 52, which features her stars and stripes bodice, full pants, tall boots, bracelets and tiara.


  • intricate sculpted details in her unique outfit 
  • excellent facial features
  • stands 7 ½ inches tall (in the ARTFX+ 1/10th scale)
  •  sculpted by master artist Atelier Bamboo
  • she has magnets in her feet for perfect stability
  • magnets words on the included display base (with Justice League logo)
  • release date: June 2013

Available from:

WONDER WOMAN New 52 ArtFX Statue (Kotobukiya) via Entertainment Earth

WONDER WOMAN New 52 ArtFX Statue (Kotobukiya) via Amazon

WONDER WOMAN New 52 ArtFX Statue (Kotobukiya) via Ebay

SUPERMAN New 52 ArtFX+ 1:10 Scale Statue (Kotobukiya)

This is the Kotobukiya produced ArtFX 1:10 scale statue based on the Man of Steel as he appears in Superman – The New 52 Comic by DC Comics.

With this statue the Man of Steel stands in a classic heroic pose, his feet spread apart and his fists held tensely at his sides. The intense look on his face captures the Kryptonian’s focus and drive, while his intricately sculpted muscles show you that he has the power to back it up. Superman’s resplendent red and blue New 52 costume is accurate down to the last detail with its iconic red on yellow “S” emblem, textured suit, technological belt and boots, and of course his long cape.

The pose is right out of the comics, as you can see in this promo image for the Justice League New 52 Comic:

Justice League New 52


  • highly detailed
  • stands 7.5″ (19cm) tall (in the ArtFX+ 1/10th scale)
  • includes magnetic display base
  • a Kotobukiya Japanese import
  • features magnets in the feet for extra stability on the magnetic base

 You can get yourself one of these awesome statues from either of the following sources: 

SUPERMAN New 52 ArtFX+ Statue (direct from Kotobukiya on Amazon)

SUPERMAN New 52 ArtFX+ Statue (via Entertainment Earth) 

SUPERMAN New 52 ArtFX+ Statue (via Ebay)

STAR WARS 501st Legion Clone Trooper ArtFX Statue

Here’s a chance to get 37% off Kotobukiya’s 501st Legion Clone Trooper ArtFX statue. These are normally $79.99 but right now you can snap one up for $50.
The statue is a 1:10 scale (7 inch) statue that comes fully detailed with armor and weapons.
It also features multiple arm and leg parts allowing you to post the statue in a variety of ways.
This ArtFX statue has to be assembled, but it’s a snap-fit kit that is easy to put together. It’s already pre-painted and does not require glue or modelling skill. 
Grab it at the link below:

STAR WARS 501st Legion Clone Trooper ArtFX Statue