Limited Edition WORLD OF WARCRAFT Arthas Polystone Statue

I think this is one of the most bad-ass looking polystone diorama’s I’ve ever seen.

Based on Arthas from World of Warcraft, this is a limited edition (of 3,000) high-quality polystone statue manufactured by Sideshow Collectibles.

Every intricate detail of WoW Lich King is captured in detailed 1:5 scale.

He’s depicted wielding the Runeblade Frostmourne while standing on top of the icy Northrend terrain.

The statue measures 19″ H (482.6mm) x 19.5″ W (495.3mm) x 20″ L (508mm).


You can order now from the following vendors (prices vary):

Limited Edition WORLD OF WARCRAFT Arthas Polystone Statue (via Sideshow)

Limited Edition WORLD OF WARCRAFT Arthas Polystone Statue (via Ebay)

Limited Edition WORLD OF WARCRAFT Arthas Polystone Statue (via Amazon)


Check out Sideshow’s 1:5 scale Classic Ultron on Throne Comiquette.

This is seriously one of the coolest comiquette’s I’ve seen in a while.

This piece brings the insane sentient robot to life!


  • each piece is hand painted and individually finished
  • crafted in 1:5 scale (measures over a foot tall)
  • Sideshow Exclusive: Includes a unique feature available nowhere else: Interchangeable Right Hand holding Vision’s head.
  • Release Date: July 2013
  • Dimensions: 13.5″ H (342.9mm) x 13.75″ W (349.25mm) x 12.0″ D (304.8mm)*

This may become a limited edition piece.


The creation of Doctor Henry Pym (Ant-Man), Ultron is the textbook example of good intentions gone horribly wrong. Attempting to create a robot with a sentient mind, Dr. Pym used his own brain patterns as the foundation for Ultron’s programming. While he inherited Pym’s scientific genius, Ultron was unhindered by the binds of a human conscience, and his hatred for his ‘father’ and the rest of humanity manifested itself only moments after his activation.

A ceaseless enemy of the Avengers, Ultron is smart enough to know not to go into the fight alone. Ultron has had some famous team-ups with the Grim Reaper, King Pin, The Red Skull, and even created his own version of the Masters of Evil. Boasting an impressive skill set of superior intellect, superhuman strength, speed, durability, flight, and the power of hypnosis, Ultron is a true force to be reckoned with. He also has a remarkable sense of self-preservation, and keeps a number of spare bodies that can be activated upon his current form’s demise.

Ultron’s goal has changed over the course of his history. Originally content with just destroying humanity, a few bitter losses convinced Ultron that all organic life should be destroyed. After having his consciousness fused with Adam Warlock, his mind was changed yet again. Before being banished from earth, Ultron revealed his hopes to create the ultimate techno-organic life form; an artificial being with all the evolutionary strengths of both technology and humanity, and none of their weaknesses. No matter how often he is destroyed, two things are certain; Ultron always returns, and he always has a plan.

Price is $349.95. 

Available for order via the vendors below: 

Classic Ultron on Throne Comiquette Polystone Statue Sideshow Exclusive Edition (via Sideshow)

Classic Ultron on Throne Comiquette Polystone Statue Sideshow Exclusive Edition (via Ebay)

This is Sideshow’s 1:5 scale Indiana Jones ‘Pursuit of the Ark’ polystone statue. Based on the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Pursuit of the Ark statue is individually hand painted and finished with incomparable attention to detail.

This is a Sideshow exclusive version that includes a unique feature available nowhere else: Additional switch out hand holding pistol.


While his Third Reich continues its reign of terror, Adolf Hitler hunts for the mythical Ark of the Covenant, resting place of the Ten Commandments, said to have such supernatural powers that it can defeat entire armies.The U.S. government is racing to find the Ark before Hitler, and enlists the help of Dr. Henry Walton Indiana Jones, Jr., a professor of archaeology, with a penchant for adventure. Accepting the task, Indy travels to Patan, Nepal to reunite with the headstrong but beautiful Marion Ravenwood. Marion agrees to aid Indy’s cause, despite her obvious bitterness over their once failed love affair. Fleeing from the villainous Nazis, they journey to Cairo, where Marion falls victim to an attempt on Indy’s life. Indy also discovers that his nemesis, French grave robber, Belloq has been contracted by the Nazis to lead their quest for the Ark. Indiana Jones’ pursuit of the Ark will lead him into mortal peril, possibly true love, and he may just rescue humanity along the way

Measurements: 23.0″ H (584.2mm) x 12.5″ W (317.5mm) x 23.5″ L (596.9mm)

Becomes available June 2013. It may be a Limited Edition Indiana Jones collectible, however Sideshow have yet to release their decision on that (assume it is for now, just in case).

1:5 scale Indiana Jones ‘Pursuit of the Ark’ polystone statue $499.99 (Sideshow)