Sideshow Collectibles manufactured life-size prop replica of the Queen Alien Egg from the 2004 film Alien vs. Predator.

Limited edition of only 500 units worldwide.

This AVP Queen Alien Egg replica measures over two feet high and is an exact 1:1 scale reproduction of the original prop.

Each piece is individually painted and finished, each with its own unique quality and detail

Features brilliant green LED lighting that includes a power adaptor.



Sold out and extremely rare. To get one now we recommend periodically checking eBay for a sale using the link below:

Limited Edition ALIEN VS PREDATOR Life Size Queen Alien Egg


Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Scar Predator Sixth Scale Figure based on the Scar Predator seen in the 2007 film Alien vs Predator.

This is a movie-accurate Scar Predator collectible based on his image in the movie.

Features include:

  • Release Date: May 2013
  • Limited Edition (number unknown)
  • Newly developed head sculpt
  • Highly detailed body armor, weapons and accessories, and detachable light-up mask
  • 1:6 scale, approximately 14 inches (35 cm) tall
  • Over 22 points of articulation
  • Newly developed head sculpt and thighs
  • Net on body and left & right arms
  • One (1) interchangeable expanded mouth
  • Six (6) pieces of interchangeable palms including:
  • One (1) pair of fists
  • One (1) pair of open palms
  • One (1) right palm for holding spear or shuriken
  • One (1) left palm for holding dagger
  • One (1) articulated shoulder cannon
  • One (1) extendable spear
  • One (1) metal dagger with sheath
  • One (1) shuriken
  • One (1) shuriken with blades
  • One (1) detachable face mask with LED light-up function
  • One (1) pair of forearm armor with six (6) interchangeable wrist metal blades of different lengths on right and self-destruct device on the left
  • One (1) chest armor and back armor
  • One (1) shoulder armor with straps
  • One (1) pair of thigh armor
  • One (1) pair of leg armor
  • Leather-like skirt with waist band
  • One (1) figure stand


Check eBay for a sale.

Limited Edition hand-made Aliens vs Predator (AVP) Porcelain Tile.


  • Artist: Lance Henriksen, who also starred in Aliens and Alien vs Predator.
  • Distributor: Sideshow Collectibles.
  • Release date: 2012.
  • Limited Edition: 250 worldwide.
  • Measurement: 12” x 12” x .5”.
  • Come in a craft box.
  • Includes one color printing and certificate of authencity.
  • Actor Lance Henriksen’s signature is etched in the back.
  • Material: Bronze finished porcelain tile (solid ceramic).
  • Design: A relief of the eight-legged Facehugger and Chestburster from the 2004 film Alien vs Predator.
  • All proceeds from the original sale of AVP tiles donated to Southern California cancer causes and national children’s charities!


Sold out and extremely rare.

To get one now, your best bet is to periodically search eBay for a sale.