This is an awesome life size bust of the boxing robot Atom from Shawn Levy’s 2011 robot boxing blockbuster Real Steel.

To produce this Sideshow Collectibles collaborated with the film’s special effects studio, Legacy Effects.

The Atom Life Size Bust captures the ‘People’s Champion’ bot in detailed 1:1 scale.

It measures 22 inches tall and features LED light up components in the eyes, nameplate, and internal mechanics.

Check out how awesome it looks lit up:


Originally released as a limited edition item of only 200 pieces worldwide, the Atom life size bust quickly sold out. 

However, there are two vendors selling this on Ebay (still brand new) with only $10 difference between them: 

 Limited Edition REAL STEEL Atom Life Size Bust (via Ebay, $789.99)

Limited Edition REAL STEEL Atom Life Size Bust (via Ebay, $799.99)