Limited Edition AVATAR Neytiri Legendary Scale Maquette

Manufactured by Sideshow Collectibles, this is a limited edition “Legendary Scale” maquette of Neytiri from James Cameron’s blockbuster sci-fi film Avatar.

Made through a collaboration between Sideshow, Stan Winston Studios and Legacy Effects.

Reproduces Zoe Saldana’s likeness as Neytiri with incredible detail.


  • Overall size: 36″ H (914.4mm) x 13″ W (330.2mm) x 13.00″ D (330.2mm).
  • Neytiri size: 31.5″ to the top of her head.
  • Weight: 26.00 lbs (11.79 kg)
  • Each piece is individually painted and finished

Backstory: Neytiri, the proud and fierce princess of the planet Pandora will someday inherit the mantle of Shaman, leader of her clan of Na’vi people. When she encounters the avatar of human Marine Jake Sully in the jungles of Pandora, her first instinct is to kill the trespasser, but impressed by his foolhardy bravery, she finds herself intrigued by the alien visitor clothed in the avatar body of one of her people. When Neytiri brings Jake to her village and presents him to her Shaman parents, he asks to learn the ways of her people. To her surprise, her mother orders Neytiri to act as Jake’s teacher. They grow close as teacher and student and, in time, fall in love as Jake learns the ways of the Na’vi and respectfully admires Neytiri’s grace and oneness with the living beings of Pandora. Together, they fight against militant human invaders who are willing to destroy the Na’vi who stand in the way of their plans to mine Pandora’s valuable minerals.


One of the rarest Avatar collectibles, very hard to find. Your best bet is to periodically check eBay for a reseller. You can use the link below to do an immediate search:

Limited Edition AVATAR Neytiri Legendary Scale Maquette

Limited Edition AVATAR Neytiri Polystone Statue

Limited edition polystone statue of Neytiri from James Cameron’s blockbuster sci-fi film Avatar.

Manufactured by Sideshow Collectibles based on the likeness of Zoe Saldana as the Na’vi princess.


  • Size: 16.5″ H (419.1mm) x 18.5″ W (469.9mm) x 13″ D (330.2mm)
  • Weight: 12.00 lbs (5.44 kg)
  • Every single peace is individually hand painted
  • limited edition item of only 1,750 pieces

Get an inside look at the collaborative and creative processes behind bringing the Neytiri statue to life:


Check eBay for a sale.

Stern Pinball Avatar Pinball machine based on James Cameron’s movie Avatar.

In the game you play Jake Sully. Your mission is to get into your Na’vi avatar by capturing the pinball in the transporter link (which reveals a Jake Sully figurine). You must then escape the Thanator, fight the Viper Wolves, ride the great Leonoptyrix, travel through the Hallelujah mountains, and do battle with the RDA in the bumpers, before facing Colonel Miles Quaritch in his mechanical AMP Suit. If you destroy the Colonel before he destroys you, you get to access 4-ball multi-ball. Then you can score jackpots and save the Na’vi people from total destruction.


  • Manufactured by Stern Pinball
  • Limited Edition of only 250 in the world (each numbered with a plaque and a certificate of authenticity).
  • Handcrafted
  • 3-D back glass with incredible depth, clarity and color, speech and sound effects from the movie
  • Design includes a banshee ramp, magnet for random ball play, stationary targets and lots of multi-ball action
  • Measures 27 x 75.5 x 55-Inch (width x height x depth)
  • Weighs 250-Pounds
  • Designed by Stern’s designers John Borg, Lonnie Ropp and Lyman Sheats
  • Jr. Pinball Hall of Fame member Kevin O’Connor designed the artwork.
  • David Thiel put together the sound.

From Stern Pinball: “The Avatar Limited Edition machine has been a very special production for Stern Pinball and game designer John Borg,” said Gary Stern, founder, CEO and chairman of Stern Pinball. “We believe it to be worthy of James Cameron’s masterpiece film and firmly believe the pinball community will feel the same.”

Watch it in action:


Now sold out.

To get one, we recommend periodically checking eBay for a reseller.

Use the link below to do an immediate search:

Stern Pinball Limited Edition Avatar Pinball machine.