TOMB RAIDER Lara Croft Statue (Original, 1996)

Check out this rare statue of Lara Croft that was originally released in 1996 based on Eidos Interactive’s original Tomb Raider video game.

This is a major collector piece for any video game collector or fan of the Tomb Raider series since it is the very first figurine of Lara Croft.

The 14″ Lara Croft is posed in exactly the same way that she appears on the cover of the first ever Tomb Raider game – the same as she appears on the box (as can be seen above).

These are very rare, yet there are actually two available right now via second hand vendors on Ebay. Only one is in the US, the other is in Europe. Both advertise that the statue is near mint or as new condition. Links to both are below:

Rare TOMB RAIDER Lara Croft 14″ Statue (via Ebay, EUR €120.00)

Rare TOMB RAIDER Lara Croft 14″ Statue (via Ebay, US $231.57)