Weta’s new Lord of the Rings 6″ Resin Gandalf the Grey statue.

Sculpted by Steven Saunders and created by the same artists who worked on the Lord of the Rings movies, this statue was inspired by an original painting of Gandalf the Grey by John Howe.

This is a limited edition item. Numbers have yet to be released by Weta although it is expected to be a very low run.


  • Sculpted by Steven Saunders and created by the same artists and craftspeople who work on the movies
  • Dimensions: 5.9″ x 4.3″ x 4.7″ (H x W x D)

From Weta:

Bilbo’s old friend, an ancient and powerful wizard, Gandalf was a guide to the Fellowship and mentor to Frodo in his quest to destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom. Deep in wisdom and foresight, Gandalf was first to discover the true nature of the ring and took it upon himself to orchestrate the forces of light against the evil advance of Sauron, the dark lord. Last seen by Frodo and his companions plummeting towards certain death from the Bridge of Khazad-Dûm, entwined in struggle with the Balrog, Gandalf’s demise seemed inevitable. But wizards are remarkably resilient…


Says Steven Saunders:

“It’s inspired by an original painting by John Howe. I’ve always thought Gandalf the Grey was a more interesting character than Gandalf the White. Gandalf the Grey in The Fellowship of the Ring is that old man, whereas Gandalf the White is almost larger than life and really heroic. I started sculpting this piece without Gandalf’s hat on. When you put the hat on his head, he instantly becomes Gandalf. The challenge for me is to make him into Gandalf even without the hat. I discussed this with Richard Taylor and we decided to make the hat removable. I still prefer that statue without the hat.”

Get it from the Ebay vendors listed below (while it lasts): 

Weta Limited Edition LORD OF THE RINGS Gandalf the Grey Statue (Secret Compass, $69.95)

Weta Limited Edition LORD OF THE RINGS Gandalf the Grey Statue (via Comic Toyz, $69.99)

This is a rare original double-sided studio produced The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey poster featuring Ian McKellan as the wizard Gandalf. 

Double sided means that the poster is printed all the way through on both sides so that when placed in a light box (like in theaters) it displays better.

It is a brand new mint-condition “Advanced Version” poster from The Hobbit that is an original first year poster without credits included (later posters include the credits). This is also brand new and was never used in a theater.

Measures approximately 27x 41 inches (69×104 cms).

Movie posters are produced by the studios and sent for display in theaters to publicize their movies. This one was never sent. As such, it is a rare original The Hobbit poster and a genuine collector’s item.

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Original Double Sided Gandalf Movie Poster

If you’re looking for a cool collectible from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and you don’t want to wait until January to get Thorin Oakenshield’s Key and Map Prop Replica set, then feast your eyes on this.

It’s Wizard Gandalf the Grey’s staff!

Modeled after the prop used by Ian McKellen’s Gandalf in the the first movie of Peter Jackson’s new The Hobbit Trilogy, this excellent staff prop replica is 73-inches long and made from hand-painted polyresin.

Manufactured by United Cutlery, the Gandalf the Grey staff is presented with an Elven styled wall display featuring Gandalf’s “G” rune, and it includes a certificate of authenticity.

I’m betting this will be one of the most highly sought after prop replica’s from the film.

As usual Entertainment Earth have it the cheapest at $149.99. You can get it at the link below: 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Gandalf the Grey Staff (via Entertainment Earth)

You can also get via Ebay for just a little bit more ($159.50): 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Gandalf the Grey Staff Prop Replica (via Ebay)