Gentle Giant produced Admiral Ackbar ‘Magnitude’ mini bust.


  • Limited Edition of 500 pieces
  • Released at SDCC 2013 only
  • Based on the artwork by Steven Daily
  • Includes printed wooden box with a 4 x 6 limited edition lithograph print by Acme Archives
  • Comes with a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity and bottom stamp.


As this was released at San Diego Comic Con in 2013 only, it is no longer available.

To get one now we recommend you periodically check eBay for a sale of Gentle Giant’s Admiral Ackbar Magnitude Mini Bust.


Gentle Giant Studios’ 1/6 scale resin statues of iconic characters from Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.


  • Each statue is sculpted in resin by the artisans at Gentle Giant Studios
  • Each measures 13 1/4-inches tall x 8 1/2-inches wide x 5 3/4-inches long
  • 1/6 scale

1. 1/6 Scale Resin Statue of Henry Cavill’s Superman 

MAN OF STEEL Superman Sixth Scale Statue DC Collectibles


Now sold out. Use the link below to search for a reseller on eBay:

Man of Steel 1/6 Scale Resin Statue of Henry Cavill’s Superman 

2. 1/6 Scale Resin Statue of Antje Traue’s Faora 

GAME OF THRONES Jon Snow and Ghost Statue

Dark Horse Jon Snow and direwolf Ghost statue as seen in HBO’s hit fantasy series Game of Thrones.

The spiritual bond between Eddard Stark’s illegitimate son Jon Snow and his direwolf companion Ghost is brought to life with this exquisite piece!

One quick glance at the statue and you’ll notice the quality right away, from Ghost’s snarl to the ruffles in Jon Snow’s armor and boots, and the base will have every fan of the HBO TV series Game of Thrones smiling, as it depicts Jon Snow trudging through the snow as a member of the Night’s Watch.


  • Meticulous detailing, crafted expressly for Dark Horse by the sculptors at Gentle Giant Studios.
  • Detailed statue measures 16-inches long x 13-inches tall.
  • Base depicts the snow under the Night Watchman’s feet.

Based on George R.R. Marti’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series.


Check eBay for a sale.


Gentle Giant’s Darth Malgus Mini-Bust based on the character as seen in the Star Wars: The Old Republic video game .


  • Released: September 2013
  • Limited Edition (number unknown, though to be a very low number)
  • Armed with twin lightsabers, cybernetic prosthetics, and some very Darth Vader-esque armor
  • Measures 10-inches long x 9-inches tall x 6-inches wide.
  • Cold-cast in the highest quality polystone
  • Individually numbered and hand-painted bust
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity.

In the days of The Old Republic, there was a Sith Lord whose name struck terror in the hearts of any that heard it: Darth Malgus. This mini-bust recreates Darth Malgus in incredible detail wielding his duel lightsabers menacingly.


These are now sold out everywhere. To get one, we recommend visiting the link to look for a reseller:

STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC Darth Malgus Mini-Bust (via eBay)

MAN OF STEEL Superman Icon Statue DC Collectibles

Gentle Giant Studios’ Superman 1/6th scale statue based on the likeness of Henry Cavill in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.


  • Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios
  • Release Date: May 29, 2013
  • Measure 13 1/4-inches tall x 8 1/2-inches wide x 5 3/4-inches long


Sold out upon release. Very rare find now.

Your best bet is to periodically check eBay for a reseller using the following link:

MAN OF STEEL Superman 1:6 Scale Iconic Statue (via eBay)