Check this out Daft Punk and Tron fans!

Amazon are offering 25% off their Tron Legacy Daft Punk X Thomas Bangalter Action Figure.

These action figures are 30cm (12″) tall and are available only via import from Japan’s Medicom Toy factory.

Normally one of these would be priced at a minimum value of about $199. Medicom’s companion action figure, the Daft Punk X Tron: Legacy Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo Action Figure is still at $199 on Amazon. Of course, those prices are still amazingly cheap. There are plenty of vendors offering these two action figures as high as $600 a pair. The cheapest I can find the pair together is $359 via a vendor on Ebay, so $149 for the Thomas Bangalter figure alone is a bargain.


  • Imported from Japan
  • Honors the contribution of masked musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter to the Tron Legacy film
  • Accurately detailed
  • Stands approximately 12 tall
  • Distinctive garment influenced by the movie includes Daft Punk’s trademark helmets

Here’s the link you need to get the discounted figure: 

TRON LEGACY Daft Punk X Thomas Bangalter Action Figure (Amazon, $149)

Note: If you want to also get the Guy-Manual de Homem-Christo companion figure (pictured below), the cheapest place to get that individually is Ebay at this link: 

TRON LEGACY Daft Punk X Guy-Manual de Homem-Christo Action Figure (Ebay, $189.95)