IP MAN Real Masterpiece Sixth Scale Figure (Enterbay)

This is Enterbay’s Real Masterpiece 1/6 scale figure of Ip Man based on Donnie Yen’s likeness from the martial arts blockbuster¬†Ip Man.¬†

These were a limited edition item. I don’t know how many editions, but they were extremely popular and almost immediately sold out upon release. The only way to get them now is via vendors on Ebay.

This is one of those figures that is truly breathtaking to look at. What an amazing likeness of Donnie Yen as the Wing Chun Master!


  • The iconic black Chinese suit
  • The white Kung Fu shirt
  • A pair of black Kung Fu shoes equipped with magnet chips to stand tight on the metal stand provided
  • ABS Body
  • 4 Interchangeable Wing Chun hands
  • Intricate hand detailing
  • Wing Chun wooden dummy with tile print metal stand
  • A Wing Chun leaflet that would have demonstration on the Wing Chun routines
  • Chicken feather duster
  • Deluxe box set packaging


Watch an unboxing of this extremely cool collectible:

These are a highly sought after collectible and as such are as rare as hens teeth.

At the time of writing this post only two were available via vendors on Ebay.

The link below will show you those listings (and any others that may pop up after this post).

Enterbay IP MAN Real Masterpiece Sixth Scale Figure (Ebay)