This is Hot Toys’ limited edition 1/6th scale T-1000 based on the liquid metal bad-ass featured in James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

When these were first released they sold out like hot cakes (visit Sideshow Toy’s product page to see they are all sold out). But right now there’s one available for sale on Ebay.

Expertly crafted to represent the appearance of actor Robert Patrick, and featuring numerous add-on pieces, this sixth scale liquid metal Terminator is a hot commodity.

The T-1000 Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • Authentic, hand-painted likeness of Robert Patrick as T-1000 in the movie Terminator 2
  • Movie-accurate facial expression with detailed wrinkles and skin texture
  • Interchangeable bullet damaged head
  • Dark brown hair sculpture
  • Stands approximately 30 cm tall
  • TrueType body with over 30 points of articulations
  • Four (4) pairs of interchangeable palms including
  • One (1) pair of open palms
  • One (1) pair of relaxed palms
  • One (1) pair for holding guns
  • One (1) right pin palm
  • One (1) left palm with pointing forefinger
  • One (1) dark blue police officer shirt with badge
  • One (1) pair of dark blue police officer pants
  • One (1) black highway patrol officer jacket with badge
  • One (1) pair of dark blue highway patrol officer pants with white stripes on both sides
  • One (1) pair of faux-leather black shoes
  • One (1) pair of faux-leather black boots
  • One (1) faux-leather black buckled belt
  • One (1) faux-leather black buckled police belt with pouches for pistol, magazines, walkie-talkie, handcuffs, and torch holder
  • One (1) pistol
  • One (1) submachine gun
  • Two (2) magazines
  • One (1) pair of metallic handcuffs
  • One (1) pair of metallic hook arms
  • One (1) metallic blade arm
  • Three (3) small-size, two (2) medium-size and two (2) large-size detachable magnetic bullet wounds
  • One (1) pair of sunglasses
  • One (1) helmet
  • One (1) torch
  • One (1) walkie-talkie
  • One (1) ball pen
  • Figure stand with T1000 nameplate and the movie logo

This is a rare sixth scale figure that is now a major collector’s item. If you want it you’ll have to move fast. The Ebay listing has a bidding set at $249.99 but you can buy it now for $324.99.

The link you need to check out the listing is below: 

Hot Toys TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY Sixth Scale T-1000 (via Ebay)

Limited Edition THE AVENGERS HULK Maquette

Coming in the first few months of 2013 is this new Hulk Maquette based on Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk from Joss Whedon’s blockbuster The Avengers.

Made by Sideshow Collectibles in partnership with Legacy Effects, and designed by Marvel who co-developed it with Legacy Effects, this hi-end maquette is simply awesome.

It is crafted in 1:4 scale so, given the size of the Hulk, it stands over 2 feet tall (25.5″)!

Weighs 18.14kg (40lbs).

If you’re a Marvel collector, are into The Avengers collectibles, love the Hulk, or just appreciate super awesome maquettes, this is one not to be missed.

Price is $649.99, although Sideshow accept monthly payments of $216.66.

Read the Hulk’s backstory, see more images of the maquette, and/or order one for yourself at the link below: 

Marvel (R) Collectibles Limited Edition Hulk Maquette

Here’s another awesome deal.

Sideshow have knocked almost $50 off their exclusive limited edition release of the Predator Tracker Maquette from the movie Predators.

This is a limited edition item of only 250 pieces that was previously for sale for $299.99. Right now you can score it for only $250.

This is a hand crafted, hand painted, and highly detailed collectible that depicts a Predator leading its dog-like alien creature as it tracks its prey. The design is based on KNB EFX Group’s creature designs for the 2010 Nimród Antal directed film.


A warrior race of alien creatures known as Predators travel to Earth to abduct a group of humans, all ruthless killers, and deposit them on a dangerous jungle planet that serves as their game preserve. Banding together, the humans soon realize that they have been gathered as prey for a new breed of Predators. As the technologically and physically superior Predators systematically eliminate members of the group, they must find a way to work together to escape or face their own extinction.

Maquette Size: 16.5″ H (419.1mm) x 15″ W (381mm) x 16.5″ D (419.1mm)*
Maquette Weight: 18.00 lbs (8.16 kg)*

But wait, there’s more.

With this exclusive sideshow edition you also get an exclusive art print as well, as part of the package! Check it out:

Get it discounted at the link below while stocks last (and if you’re in doubt, read the reviews at that link. Collector’s love this piece!):

PREDATORS The Tracker Maquette (Sideshow Exclusive Version)