This auction is for a highly detailed, hand finished, production sample of the yet-to-be-released Grey Hulk Comiquette from Sideshow Collectibles. 

The Grey Hulk Comiquette stands two feet high and is taken directly from the concepts and designs of widely acclaimed comic artist Ariel Olivetti.

This is one of Sideshow’s unique prototypes which offers a one-of-a-kind highly sought after exclusive Hulk collectible.

The item comes with a printed base bottom with hand written indication of production sample and will also include a Certificate of Authenticity.

It is not uncommon to see handwritten comments from our production department on the bases and boxes of these items as part of the creation process.

Many of these production samples are unnumbered and are generally independent of the edition. Most of these are destroyed as part of the creative process – but not this one. This one can be yours!

All proceeds from these unique auctions will go to local Southern California cancer causes and national children’s charities!

Specs: 23.25”H x 20.5”W x 16.5” L. Ship weight: 45 lbs.

Grey Hulk Comiquette from Sideshow Collectibles (auction on Ebay)

This is a standard Tron Legacy Identity Disc prop replica that has been privately autographed by Tron himself – Bruce Boxleitner!
Bruce has added the special inscription “TRON” next to his signature.

The disc comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and photo of Bruce signing.

Tron is a 1982 American science fiction film written and directed by Steven Lisberger, and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It stars Jeff Bridges in a dual role as the protagonist Kevin Flynn and one of his programs, “Clu”; Bruce Boxleitner in a dual role as security program Tron and Tron’s “User”, computer programmer Alan Bradley. Tron Legacy is Disney’s 2010 sequel to the 1982 hit.

At the time of posting this product there is only one signed disc, so you’ll have to hurry if you want to be sure of adding it to your list of Tron Legacy collectibles!

Signed TRON LEGACY Identity Disc (via Amazon, $64.99)

This is a fan-made one-of-a-kind strong aluminium prop replica of Captain America’s shield from the movie Captain America: The First Avenger.

Approximate measurements: 26 inches in diameter, 3 inches in height, 1/8″ (3MM) thick.

Features 3 machined grooves and 9 1/2 inch’ star, just as seen in the film.

Designed specifically as a wall display piece, this Captain America shield prop replica has a beautiful, very shiny and reflective polished finish.

Note: This piece does not have any straps or handles on the back, it was made for a wall display.

The creator says, “I spent many hours working on this shield to make it extra smooth and shiny. This is the shield everybody wants.”

This is a rare collectible not to pass up if you’re a fan of Captain America and The Avengers.

CAPTAIN AMERICA Aluminium Shield Prop replica (via Ebay auction)


If you want a one-of-a-kind poster of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers then consider grabbing one signed by the cast.

Though there are less for sale these days than when The Avengers was first released, I still see a number of sellers offering their signed posters on Ebay daily.

Of course, you have to be careful to check that they are legitimate. A good way to do that is to ask for a photo of the signing to accompany the product.

But once you’re happy it’s a legitimate cast signed poster, you’ll proudly display it on your wall knowing that it’s a unique Avengers collectible.

Want to see what signed The Avengers posters are available now? Check out the link below:

THE AVENGERS Cast Signed Movie Posters (Ebay)