Tron: Legacy Sam Flynn Leather Motorcycle Jacket.

Limited edition of only 400.

Information on each item of the clothing set below:


Tron Legacy Motorcycle Jacket Features:

  • Removable CE Approved Body Armor in Forearms/Elbows, Shoulders and Full Back Spine Protector.
  • Extreme Form Molded Leather Detailing, effectively replicating his ‘Grid’ suit as seen on film.
  • Includes the form molded Identity Disk on the back of the jacket. (Not Removable)
  • Extremely Light Sensitive Reflective Details. The smallest amount of light will trigger an incredibly bright glowing effect.
  • Heavy Duty Stretch Spandex Inserts.
  • Silicone 3D Hexagon Print.
  • Removable Interior Quilted Vest.
  • 100% Gra