Life Size STAR WARS Black Shadow Stormtrooper Helmet (eFX Collectibles)

1:1 scale Black Shadow Stormtrooper helmet replica by eFX Collectible.


  • Color: black
  • 1:1 scale (life-size)
  • Construction: injection-molded ABS
  • Lenses: see-through mirrored
  • As seen in a variety of Star Wars titles but most recognizable from the Star Wars Galaxies video game
  • Fully wearable
  • Limited Edition: 501 pieces

Prop Story:

For much of the Galactic Civil War, a mysterious agent of the evil Emperor Palpatine, code-named “Blackhole”, carefully gathered intelligence data for the Galactic Empire. Blackhole had an impressive arsenal of weapons available to him, including a Star Destroyer, the signature vessel of the Imperial Starfleet. The stormtroopers under Blackhole’s command were known as shadow stormtroopers. Their armor was cast in a black stygian-triprismatic polymer which had increased sensor stealth capabilities which allowed them to move about the galaxy undetected.

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Luke and Leia went on a mission to the Imperial gambling operations known as the “Gambler’s World” on Vorzyd 5, but was disrupted by Blackhole and platoons of his elite shadow stormtroopers. By the end of the Galactic Civil War, Blackhole disappeared and his shadow stormtroopers were believed to be absorbed by the Imperial forces. Some found their way into Carnor Jax’s private army.

The helmets of Jax’s shadow stormtrooper differed from the original elite unit. Blackhole’s stormtroopers had white viewplates and Jax’s had black viewplates. The shadow stormtroopers have appeared in a variety of Star Wars titles. Including the novel Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, comic books Dark Empire II and Crimson Empire, comic strip Gambler’s World and the video game Star Wars: Galaxies.


These sold out upon release. Use the link below to find a reseller:

Life Size STAR WARS Black Shadow Stormtrooper Helmet (eBay)