Prop replica of Baby Doll’s Katana from Sucker Punch.


  • Manufacturer: Master Cutlery.
  • Release Date: 2012.
  • Limited edition of 2,000 pieces.
  • Based on the katana wielded by Emily Browning in Zack Snyder’s fantasy film Sucker Punch.
  • 1:1 scale (full size, 43″ long).
  • Stainless steel blade engraved with the same symbols seen on Baby Doll’s katana in the movie.
  • Rayskin wrapped handle.
  • Ornate guard.
  • Gold snowflakes on the scabbard.
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity


Sold out. To get one now, we recommend using the link below to periodically search eBay for a sale:

Master Cutlery Limited Edition Sucker Punch Baby Doll Katana.

SUCKER PUNCH Babydoll 1:4 Scale Premium Format Figure

1/4 scale premium format figure of Babydoll from Zack Snyder’s 2011 film Sucker Punch.


  • Limited Edition of only 1,250 pieces
  • 1:4 Scale (19 inches tall)
  • Weighs 7lbs (3.18 kgs)
  • Fabric Costume
  • Katana Sword with Scabbard
  • Holstered .45 Caliber Pistol (Removable)
  • Each piece individually hand crafted, hand painted and hand finished
  • Released in 2013


Check eBay for a sale.

Limited edition (of 275) Sucker Punch WWI German Zombie Statue from Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch.

Sculpted with precision details and hand painted by professional artisans, this expertly crafted Sucker Punch WWI German Zombie Statue stands almost 17-inches tall and features a film-accurate helmet and gas mask, bayonet-mounted rifle, wire-mesh eyes, weathered costuming, and accessories.

The statue is a limited edition with certificate of authenticity and has already sold out in pre-orders, but for a short time can still be purchased on Ebay from a very few select sellers.

Limited to 275 pieces worlwide.

Limited edition (of 275) Sucker Punch WWI German Zombie Statue (on Ebay)