Prop replica of Baby Doll’s Katana from Sucker Punch.


  • Manufacturer: Master Cutlery.
  • Release Date: 2012.
  • Limited edition of 2,000 pieces.
  • Based on the katana wielded by Emily Browning in Zack Snyder’s fantasy film Sucker Punch.
  • 1:1 scale (full size, 43″ long).
  • Stainless steel blade engraved with the same symbols seen on Baby Doll’s katana in the movie.
  • Rayskin wrapped handle.
  • Ornate guard.
  • Gold snowflakes on the scabbard.
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity


Sold out. To get one now, we recommend using the link below to periodically search eBay for a sale:

Master Cutlery Limited Edition Sucker Punch Baby Doll Katana.