Limited Edition 2009 STAR TREK USS Enterprise (Quantum Mechanix)

QMx limited ‘commemorative edition’ replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701 based on the ship in J.J. Abrams’ 2009 film Star Trek.

Created by Quantum Mechanix using the original digital effects files, these were limited to only 5,000 pieces and are now a highly sought after rare Star Trek collectible.

Measuring 8.5 inches long, this Enterpirse 1701 replica is cast in sold metal, incorporates chrome, and utilizes textured steel and pewter to create the perfect finish. There’s no plastic on this baby.

Each replica has an official QMx Certificate of Authenticity.

It’s a rare opportunity when one of these comes along for sale these days, almost unheard of.



Ultra rare collectible, practically impossible to find. We recommend using the link below to periodically search eBay for a reseller:

Limited Edition 2009 STAR TREK USS Enterprise 1701 (Quantum Mechanix)


Diamond Select’s replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from the 1982 sci-fi film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.


  • Measures 16-inches long
  • Includes light and sound effects
  • made from plastic
  • incorporates an all-new paint scheme
  • Released: 2013


Check eBay for a sale.

Life-size authentic reproduction of the Star Trek: Enterprise NX-01 Dedication Plaque.


  • Manufactured by: HMS Creative Productions in partnership with Roddenberry.
  • Release date: 2012.
  • Life-size (1:1 Scale).
  • It forms one of five starship dedication plaques representing each of Star Trek series.
  • Replica of the same plaques that were received by each starship when they were commissioned for active duty.
  • Built and painted with the craftsmanship of professional prop makers who worked on the Star Trek: Enterprise TV series.


Check eBay for a sale.

Quantum Mechanix studio scale replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise from J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek (2009).


  • Limited Edition (250)
  • 3 feet in length
  • Screen-accurate (designed from the ground up using the same master digital files used by Industrial Light & Magic to create the film’s visual effects).
  • Entirely airbrushed by hand with some 24 colors of metallic and flat paint. A technique known as Aztecing overlaps color layers, multiplying the color effects and giving the finish an extraordinary degree of depth, while precisely matching the hull plating seen in the movie. An automotive base lacquer underneath it all – the same technique used to prepare filming miniatures for hours under hot studio lights – primes and protects the replica.
  • The sculpture consists of thousands of details, many of which are only barely glimpsed on screen. You could spend hours studying this replica and still find new surprises around the next curve. The combination of meticulous sculpture and expertly applied paint makes the QMx Artisan Enterprise one of the most detailed and accurate replicas of a Star Trek starship that’s ever been offered for retail purchase.

VFX including:

  • 200 custom-built lighting effects that truly bring the starship to life. These effects include:
  • Static interior and exterior lighting.
  • Anti-collision and formation lighting (flash and strobe).
  • Fluid plasma effect inside the impulse engines.
  • Bussard collectors – Custom circuits and motion effects reproduce the look of the forward end of each warp nacelle.
  • Illuminated deflector dish – The dish itself is a specially-built lighting element – not just lit up by a bulb – with light lines radiating out from the center of the dish, just like in the movie.
  • Interior lighting for the shuttle bay.
  • Four-function remote control – The QMx Artisan Enterprise comes with a custom remote for interior, warp and impulse, formation and auxiliary lighting.

Superior Construction

The QMx Artisan Enterprise replica is constructed with only the best materials available, including resin, laser-cut acrylic and styrene, and features an internal network of brass tubing and steel rods that help ensure rigidity and longevity. Only the ship’s registry number and name are applied as decals: All other graphics are hand painted.


34″ long x 15.75″ wide x 7.5″ high
Stand adds 5.25″ to the overall height

Mirrored Base
The U.S.S. Enterprise Artisan Replica sits on a stand that’s principally a large, rectangular mirror – perfect for showing off the details on the underside of the ship – framed with a faux metal hull plate and bracketed by four brass plaques. Plaques on either side of the ship include the ship’s name and edition number.

Studio Pro Shipping Container

The Artisan Enterprise comes packed in a foam-padded, hand-built wooden crate exactly like the “apple crates” used by the studios for shipping and storing filming props. Crate measures 40″ x15″ x 24″, shipping weight for crate and model is 50lbs

Option available for customization:

Shuttle bay doors. Placement of the shuttle bay doors – open, partly closed or completely closed – it’s your choice.


This is an extremely rare collectible. Practically impossible to find.

To get one, all you can do is periodically check eBay for a sale.