Weta The Hobbit The One Ring Gold Plated without runes plus Frodo Chain in Stock

This is Weta’s officially licensed replica of Frodo’s ‘The One Ring’ from director Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.


  • 18K gold plated Tungsten Carbide
  • Produced via collaboration with Weta and Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith
  • Crafted to the exact shape, thickness and proportions of the rings Jens Hansen has created for Weta
  • Weighted correctly
  • Smooth without Elvish runes

Includes a Wooden gift box:

  • Made from natural Cherry timber (opens with an almost invisible elastic hinge and closes with a strong rare-earth magnet)
  • With The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey logo on the outside and the logos of Weta and Jens Hansen on the inside.
  • The inside bottom of the box is lined with burgundy velvet.
  • Like anything made from natural timber, variations in grain and colour will occur and the colour may also change over time. This is an entirely natural process.

Includes authentic replica of Frodo’s ring carrying chain:

  • Exact replica of the 25 inch (65 cm) chain Frodo used to carry The One Ring around his neck.
  • Made from Sterling Silver
  • Designed and manufactured by Jens Hansen – Gold & Silversmith of Nelson, New Zealand, the makers and designers of the original movie prop for The Lord of the Rings.
  • Features the authentic and much sought-after S-shaped link seen in the close-up shots in the movies, an ancient clasp design that allows you to lock the chain at any length you desire.

You can get one of these from either of the following vendors (prices vary by vendor):

THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY – The One Ring (Gold Plated Without Runes) Plus Frodo Chain (via Amazon)

THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY – The One Ring (Gold Plated Without Runes) Plus Frodo Chain (via Ebay)

If you want one of these rings that actually has the runes inscribed, you can also get that from the link below:

THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY – The One Ring (Gold Plated With Runes) Plus Frodo Chain (via Amazon)


Weta’s new Lord of the Rings 6″ Resin Gandalf the Grey statue.

Sculpted by Steven Saunders and created by the same artists who worked on the Lord of the Rings movies, this statue was inspired by an original painting of Gandalf the Grey by John Howe.

This is a limited edition item. Numbers have yet to be released by Weta although it is expected to be a very low run.


  • Sculpted by Steven Saunders and created by the same artists and craftspeople who work on the movies
  • Dimensions: 5.9″ x 4.3″ x 4.7″ (H x W x D)

From Weta:

Bilbo’s old friend, an ancient and powerful wizard, Gandalf was a guide to the Fellowship and mentor to Frodo in his quest to destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom. Deep in wisdom and foresight, Gandalf was first to discover the true nature of the ring and took it upon himself to orchestrate the forces of light against the evil advance of Sauron, the dark lord. Last seen by Frodo and his companions plummeting towards certain death from the Bridge of Khazad-Dûm, entwined in struggle with the Balrog, Gandalf’s demise seemed inevitable. But wizards are remarkably resilient…


Says Steven Saunders:

“It’s inspired by an original painting by John Howe. I’ve always thought Gandalf the Grey was a more interesting character than Gandalf the White. Gandalf the Grey in The Fellowship of the Ring is that old man, whereas Gandalf the White is almost larger than life and really heroic. I started sculpting this piece without Gandalf’s hat on. When you put the hat on his head, he instantly becomes Gandalf. The challenge for me is to make him into Gandalf even without the hat. I discussed this with Richard Taylor and we decided to make the hat removable. I still prefer that statue without the hat.”

Get it from the Ebay vendors listed below (while it lasts): 

Weta Limited Edition LORD OF THE RINGS Gandalf the Grey Statue (Secret Compass, $69.95)

Weta Limited Edition LORD OF THE RINGS Gandalf the Grey Statue (via Comic Toyz, $69.99)

THE LORD OF THE RINGS Rivendell Diorama Statue

This is Weta Worskhop’s Rivendell Diorama Statue, reproducing the Rivendell environment as featured in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

This diorama is based on the miniature featured in The Lord of the Rings. It is built by the same artists and craftsmen who worked Peter Jackson’s epic films. The result is a stunningly detailed environment that evokes the serenity and peace of the House of Elrond.

This statue is the combined result of 14 artists and 1,200 hours of creativity and attention to detail. Every tree, every ornament, every brick was considered and produced to make up the whole.

Rivendell is by some margin the biggest of environments to feature in The Lord of the Rings.


Home to Elrond, Rivendell was founded in the year 1697 of the Second Age by the Elven Lord as a haven amid the growing darkness in the north of Middle-earth. Under the protection of Elrond’s Ring of Power Vilya, Rivendell was a sanctuary and meeting place for the forces of light and persisted in secrecy and security until the War of the Ring and the fall of Sauron, the enemy. There dwelt the Lady Arwen, and king in exile, Aragorn, came and went as he pleased. Bilbo Baggins called Rivendell home in his declining years, and often it hosted secret war councils and discussions among the leaders of the free peoples. The heirlooms of Middle-earth were gathered there in Elrond’s library: Narsil, the sword of Elendil that cut the Ring from Sauron’s hand, and Aiglos, the spear of Gil-Galad, among others. Imladris, the Last Homely House – the Elven settlement was known by many names, though its paths were shrouded in secrecy and enchantment. Perched among waterfalls in a hidden valley in the foothills of the Misty Mountains, Elrond’s home provided a safe haven for Thorin’s company during the quest for Erebor and Frodo’s party when they sought refuge from Sauron’s wraiths. It was at Elrond’s council in Rivendell that the Fellowship of the Ring was born and the quest to destroy the One began. Even beyond the end of the Third Age, when the Rings of Power were no more and Elrond had passed over the Sea, Rivendell remained, at least for a time, in the keeping of Elrond’s sons Elladan and Elrohir.

Dimensions: 7.9″ x 18.1″ x 12.2″ (H x W x D) (20 cm x 46 cm x 31 cm)

Weight: 23 pounds

This awesome collectible is priced at $399.95, and can be purchased at the link below (where you can also view more images):

THE LORD OF THE RINGS Rivendell Diorama Statue (via Ebay)

Amazing Limited Edition (of 600) “District 9: The Exosuit Statue” from the movie DISTRICT 9.

Backstory: Prize item in Nigerian crimelord and gun runner Obesandjo’s stash of alien weaponry, the alien exosuit provides Wikus van der Merwe with a much needed advantage in the epic final battle against Koobus and his Reaction Force troops. It sports an array of weapons and communications systems, most of which are beyond what human scientists can fathom, let alone replicate. Look closely and you will see not only the Arc Generator, but also the Assault Rifle mounted to the exterior of this massive exoskeletal power suit.

Designed for the District 9 movie by Weta Designer Greg Broadmore, this almost 12″ tall prop replica has been modeled with fanatical attention to detail by Weta Senior Modelmaker David Tremont and art directed by Greg Broadmore. That’s right, this collectible has been created by the very same artists and craftsmen who worked on the movie!

Produced in a strictly limited edition of only 600 world wide. Ships in May but can be pre-ordered now (recommended to avoid disappointment).

See it in 360 degrees:

Get it here:

District 9 The Exosuit Statue – Prop Replica Collectible (via Entertainment Earth, $598.99)