Check out this Xena: Chakram Prop Replica based on the original weapon used by Lucy Lawless in the hit Universal Studios series Xena: The Warrior Princess.

The Chakram is a throwing weapon capable of ricocheting off objects and returning to the thrower. It is quite possibly the most iconic of all weapons in the hit series. It is definitely a beautiful, eye catching fantasy weapon replica.

The series featured a number of different Chakram designs. This one is based on the original that appeared in season 1.

The seller states this Xena Chakram prop replica is very solid having been made from all metal with a high polish finish. He says it is very heavy, has a 9.5″ diameter, and has Paua Shell inlays. Note, however, that it is not sharp – it is not intended to be used as a real weapon.

The seller hasn’t identified the manufacturer so I can’t be sure of the origin of this. It is stated it was purchased brand new via The Time Capsule. There were a few different manufacturers of this original series Chakram, such as the 500 Limited Edition Chakram’s that were produced in New Zealand by Pacific Renaissance Pictures. Those came with a Certificate of Authenticity, which again this seller has made no comment on. If you know the origin of this by all means post a comment, I’d love to know. Nonetheless, if you watch the following video you’ll get an idea of what this weapon replica is like:

I’ve looked around and found Chakram’s like this sold out everywhere. This one is on Ebay and the seller has posted it as a one day special offer only. So you’ll have to be quick, but if you are, snapping this up at his advertised Buy It Now price of only $349.99 is an absolute bargain. Especially when you consider the exact same prop replica is for sale on Ebay here for $549.99!

The link you need for the Xena Chakram available on a one day sale is below:

Xena: Original Chakram on Ebay (Cyber Sale, One Day Only)