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BABYLON 5 Starfury Pewter Statue (Factory X)

A very rare Babylon 5 collectible.

BABYLON 5 Starfury Pewter Statue (Factory X)

This is an awesome pewter model of the Starfury ship from the also-awesome TV series Babylon 5.

Manufactured by Factory X, this Starfury is cast in the finest pewter and pre-painted grey.

Comes with a beautiful black lacquered display stand with the Babylon 5 insignia.

These are very rare and usually sell out when they pop up from time to time.

At the time of writing this post there is one available on Ebay and one only. It is, however, brand new and unopened, so that’s a major score. You’ll be able to find the listing for that using the link below:

BABYLON 5 Starfury Pewter Model Collectible from Factory X (via Ebay)